About Our Program


Our coaches are certified by the International Association of Applied Psychology and Bharatiya Counselling Psychology Association


Our tests have been administered over 5,000 students across the country and have a 97 percent retest correlation.

Experience Cells

Our activities are designed with the aid and input of alums from various reputed colleges like IIM, IIT, NLU, DU, Christ etc.


Our workshops and exchange programs are conducted by expert trainers with more than 5 years of experience in teaching​.

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Meet Our Founders

Rishab Amarnath

Rishab is a certified career counsellor by the International Association Of Applied Psychology and the Bhartiya Counselling Psychology Association. Having worked in the fields of consultancy, finance, marketing and graphic designing, Rishab brings to the table a wide array of experience, crucial to helping young minds explore the world.

Sumer Rai

Sumer is a certified career counsellor, by the International Association Of Applied Psychology. Having completed his Bachelors of Business Administration, in the field of Human Resources and Psychology, he is deeply passionate about bridging the gap between the industry and academia, hoping to create a safe space for students to explore different careers.