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Students taking part in Hackathons

Code, Design, Create and Innovate! Welcome to the ..

There's a lot of buzz amongst high school students when they are about to graduate and enter college. Different people look forward to different things, such as hackathons! In this segment of looking forward to college, we will be talking about hackathons...

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College Students Graduating from University

Difficulties faced by a college student

They rightly say, "All good things come with a pinch of salt". Leaving home and going to a new city is never an easy task. There are a lot of ups and downs a student faces when they relocate for the first time without their parents for college.However, al...

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Students giving their exams

Think you’re smart? Try out these Olympiads!..

In this segment of School Diary, we will be talking about Olympiads that high school students can take part in. Olympiads are competitions in which students take up exciting academic challenges. This segment will also be talking about the top ten Olympiad...

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Student Ambassador Programmes - Compass Career Discoverers

Student Ambassador Programmes

In this segment of looking forward to college, we’ll be talking about one of the most essential and exciting parts of college, student ambassador programmes. These programmes help us gain knowledge and insight into the professional world that awaits us af...

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Bangalore City - Compass Career Discoverers

Bangalore for college!

Bangalore, the garden city of India, the silicon valley of Asia and how can we forget the best place for youngsters like us to have a ball. Hosting many reputed institutions and multinational corporations along with startups, Bangalore has been an attract...

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How to inspire your child?

“He just doesn’t study”, howled Mrs Ramanathan in a counselling session for her son Ravi who studies in the 9th grade. Like her, I’ve heard many parents tell me that their child isn’t really excelling at anything! They feel that their children are highly ...

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People in college cultural event

College Cultural Fests

As preparations for the annual cultural fest of Christ University, Bangalore drew near; there was a sense of excitement and panic among students. Desperate last-minute calls were to be made, the seating plans had to be rechecked and preparations were in f...

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Business student in a suit

Management Fests

This edition of looking forward to college involves the much-anticipated college fests. These fests are of various kinds, such as technical, management and cultural fests. In this section, we will be talking about management fests in particular. Let us go...

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Post it notes made by students

Youth Run Organisations

Finally, the time has come for students to leave behind their school life and graduate. The time for high schoolers to step into an unfamiliar terrain that’s filled with hustle and bustle. This new time brings with it the freedom to make your own decision...

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Father lion supporting his Son Simba

How Parents Can Support Their Children During 12th..

THE EXAM SEASON IS HERE! The next few months are going to be all about late nights, gallons of coffee, exam preps, timetables and a lot of stress. Exam time can be hectic and mentally pressurizing for kids and their parents. Twelfth grade is considered th...

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School student internship

Why It Is Important To Intern In High School? The ..

”Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely” - RodinHigh school can be a time of great experience and transitions. There is academic pressure, a need to keep up with fellow students and decisions to be made about colleges. It is a period ...

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How often do you catch your children drifting away in a daydream or slowly shifting to another task from the task at hand? If you find it happening often, then you sure need to know about attention span. Attention as all of us know, is our ability to focu...

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9 Apps that will have your back during exam time..

Exams can be harrowing for most students and especially distressing for me. Whether one is in school or in college, exams are the one thing that can never stop getting behind your back. One thing I have observed, during exam days, is that I want more sl...

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“Two of the greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings”. Being a parent of an athletic child you are going to have your own set of challenges traveling along with them in their athletic journey. While your children are going to be the dri...

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The job market has evolved over the years and has become demanding. We are in the 21st century. Changes in society, lifestyle and technology have had a profound effect on the professional world and job market. There’s a wide array of skill sets and techno...

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Why your child hates studying and how you can chan..

Over the course of my career as a career counsellor and mentor, I’ve interacted with a lot of children. I’ve seen many parents complaining about how their kids just aren’t interested in studying. They’ve tried everything! Mrs Shanti from Delhi changed her...

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An author, an art curator, a xenophile, yet a lover of all things mythological and spiritual, author Kiren Rai elaborates on her journey, as an author, and how one can stay relevant in the ever-dynamic world of writing and content creation. Expressing on...

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Bored this summer? We got you covered.. 7 things y..

It’s the end of your 10th/12th grade boards and finally, you have the summer ahead of you to unwind and relax. Gone are the days of countless all-nighters, last-minute revisions and high-stress levels( at least for the next few months). But I can guarante...

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Extracurricular activities to do in School..

You learn as much as you can in school since life becomes too busy later. Extracurricular activities are paramount when it comes to learning. They are equally important for students as their academic course; perhaps even more. Some students like to try ou...

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A new career counselling model

The experiential learning career counselling model allows students to actually experience different careers, through short activities and videos, and to get an understanding of the type of careers they like. Through this methodology, students are put in t...

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