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Think you’re smart? Try out these Olympiads!

In this segment of School Diary, we will be talking about Olympiads that high school students can take part in. Olympiads are competitions in which students take up exciting academic challenges. This segment will also be talking about the top ten Olympiads that you could give in high school.

Olympiads are different from the regular tests that are conducted in school. They are way more puzzling and intellectually demanding. If you take Olympiads seriously and study hard for them, they can even provide a kick start for your academic career.

Reasons why you should give an Olympiad

Student preparing for Olympiad - Compass

In most schools in India, it is mandatory for students to take an Olympiad exam. Thus at times, students take Olympiads as a burden. This shouldn’t be the case. Olympiad exams go beyond your regular school syllabus and provide you with the knowledge that might come handy later.

A commendable rank in an exam could boost the confidence of children as well as their parents. Such exams increase the logical and analytical reasoning of a child. Moreover, Olympiads are a good start for students who are thinking of giving competitive exams, such as JEE in the future.

There are many success stories of students who have achieved accolades in various Olympiads. In 2013, Vipul Naik, who represented India, won the silver medal in the International Mathematics Olympiad, held in Japan. Let us have a look at the top ten Olympiads that you can give in your high school: 

1. Silver Zone Olympiads

Silverzone Olympiad

Brief: The Silver Zone Foundation conducts various Olympiads and is probably, the biggest non-governmental body to hold Olympiads for students in India. The foundation also provides adequate material, such as past papers and books for knowledge and preparation.

Subjects/ Format: Mathematics, English, Science, General Knowledge, Hindi, French, Reasoning and Aptitude, Informatics, Social Studies

For more details, visit

2. Science Olympiad Foundation

Science Olympiad Foundation - Compass

Brief: The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) conducts Olympiads among students with the intention of developing a competitive spirit among them. It has been actively involved in combining the use of the latest technology and information technology with examinations since the last 25 years.
Subjects/ Format: General Knowledge, English, Mathematics, Science, Cyber Olympiad, Commerce
More details: The exams are conducted in the months of September to December. For more information, visit

3. Unified Cyber Olympiad

Unified Cyber Olympiad - Compass

Brief: The Unified Cyber Olympiad is held across the country, with an aim to bolster computer education among today’s students. The exam is of fifty marks, conducted for one hour. There are gold medals and cash rewards for zone winners.
Subjects/ Format: The exam has four components: Mental Ability, Reasoning, Computers and English.
More details:
There is a registration fee of one hundred and fifty rupees for each student. The exam is typically held in the month of October. For more details, visit

4. National Talent Search Examination

Brief: NTSE is a scholarship exam for students who want to pursue higher studies in sciences and social sciences. It is conducted by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

Subjects/ Format: There are two stages of this exam. It is an offline exam having two components – the Mental Aptitude Test and the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

More details: Registration for the exam begins in the month of August every year. The scholarship amount ranges from thousand to two thousand rupees for different academic levels. Read its 2019 information brochure for more details here

5. Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana Exam

Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana Exam - Compass

Brief: The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) exam is a national exam for students interested in sciences. It is funded by the Government of India, making it one of the most important exams for high school students.
Subjects/ Format: It is an online exam with questions from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. It is conducted for a duration of three hours.
More details: KVPY will be conducted in November 2020. The paper is of a hundred marks.


Brief: The VIDYARTHI VIGYAN MANTHAN (VVM) exam is held by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). It is a national level test for identifying the brightest students across the country.

Subjects/ Format: All questions have objective-type answers. Subjects include Logic and Reasoning, Mathematics, Science and studying about two people (which are assigned beforehand) who have contributed to science as a field of study.
For more details, visit

7. Geo Genius Olympiad

Brief: Geo Genius is a national level geography Olympiad for school students. Students are eligible to apply for this exam through their respective schools. The question paper consists of two levels and multiple-choice questions.

Subjects/ Format: General geography, history, Indian geography, World geography

For more details, visit

8. International Olympiads

International Olympiads - Compass

Brief: International Olympiads are higher-level Olympiads conducted for students who have passed the initial levels of the respective subject. Students get to represent their countries on such platforms.
Subjects/ Format: International Olympiads are conducted for every subject, such as English, Mathematics, Science, etc.


ASSET - Compass

Brief: ASSET stands for the Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing. ASSET discourages rote learning by including all multiple choice questions in its module, later providing the strength and weakness reports for every participant.

Subjects/ Format: English, Maths and Science. It is conducted during school hours.

More details: It is up to the schools to decide the dates for taking these tests. ASSET also provides a feedback report for analysis and improvement.

10. World Robotic Olympiad

World Robotic Olympiad - Compass

Brief: The World Robot Olympiad India is one of the largest Robotics competitions in India for students between the age group of 6 to 19 years, held since 2006. It is conducted by the STEM foundation.

Subjects/ Format: Over seventy-five thousand students worldwide take part in this competition. Qualification for the international Olympiad is done after winning the national rounds.

More details: World Robotic Olympiad 2020’s theme is ‘Climate Squad’.  For more details, visit

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Olympiads are a wonderful platform for a student to gain valuable knowledge. So spend your precious time in participating and winning Olympiads. Take initiative and apply for an Olympiad, or ask your school to conduct one for you and your friends!