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Bangalore for college!

Bangalore, the garden city of India, the silicon valley of Asia and how can we forget the best place for youngsters like us to have a ball. Hosting many reputed institutions and multinational corporations along with startups, Bangalore has been an attraction for a lot of youngsters. 

Bangalore as a city has an amazing nightlife for college students. It hosts concerts of all kinds ranging from stand up comedy to youth functions like the Under 25 Summit.

Critiqued for its traffic jams by the people visiting, each Bangalorean knows that the wait is worth it because the places to visit are so good. With energetic and happening cafes to visit, Bangalore is the perfect place to kick back for a few hours and chill with your friends.

I personally find Cafe Nosh and Whole Lotta Love to be amazing and really laid-back. Rasta Cafe which is on the outskirts of the city makes for a great midnight road trip outing with your friends.

In this edition of looking forward to college, we’ll be listing down a few things college students can do in Bangalore:

  • Nandi Hills: 

This is the first place college students visit when they come to Bangalore. It doesn’t matter if you’re an early bird or a night owl as long as you catch the sunrise at Nandi. The view is absolutely breathtaking, the hill is known for its natural charm and scenic beauty. Gather up a few friends one weekend and make this trip happen!

  • Wonderla Amusement Park: 

We’ve all had an obsession with amusement parks back during our school days. Relive those experiences at Wonderla with your new group of friends, I’m sure there will be bundles of laughter and a lot of bonding. With roller coasters, water slides and virtual reality experiences, Wonderla is a trip to make!

  • VV Puram: 

Each friend circle has that one person who’s a foodie at heart! If you’re that person you have to take your group to VV Puram

With chats, buns, dosas, pasta and even paan, the streets of VV Puram provide you with an assortment of mouth-watering delicacies to satisfy your hankering for good food. This street has all kinds of food, desserts, drinks, cuisines and many different things that one would have never tried.

  • Commercial Street: 

This goes without saying that girls are mad over shopping and love to try out new places to shop. There could be no better place in all of Bangalore than Commercial Street to pick up some amazing stuff. Commercial Street is the perfect place to shop for everything be it clothing, cosmetics, jewellery or bags! The prices as well are very reasonable. Personally I have been here twice and every time I found new shops and new dresses.

  • Gokarna:

At times God blesses students with a long weekend and with this blessing comes the obligation to travel! South India is so diverse and spread out and has some amazing places to travel with Gokarna being a major destination.

Around 6 hours from Bangalore, Gokarna has beautiful beaches and natural sceneries. You can book a tempo with your friends and enjoy the weekend with long drives and a lot of masti.

  • Mysore: 

A 3-hour journey from Bangalore, Mysore is another hotspot for college kids. Mysore is known for its culture, history and the magnificent palace that attracts tourists from around the world. It’ll be good to go back to your home town and boast about seeing this gem. Khalsa Cafe is another attraction of Mysore which is known for its cold coffee. They jokingly say that it’s Khalsa’s cold coffee that attracts tourists to Mysore and not the palace.

Bangalore is famous for a lot of things and has become sort of a youth hub. I think the mentality of Bangalore is the main attraction of the city. It provides you with an environment that’s safe and judgment-free. 

Everybody here is just doing their own thing and trying to make it big in life. Bangalore will be a fresh chapter in your life, try getting out of your comfort zone and do things that you would never back home! Make new friends, try out new things and just have a blast, cause in this city nobody’s judging you.