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The job market has evolved over the years and has become demanding. We are in the 21st century. Changes in society, lifestyle and technology have had a profound effect on the professional world and job market. There’s a wide array of skill sets and technologies that millennials can use in jobs that didn’t exist in the past decades. With more potential candidates in for competition, the only way to win a spot is to stay ahead of the competition. High school is a good time to start training on a set of skills to stay competitive in the job market. In this edition of Parental Central, we will be looking into the basic corporate skills that parents can develop in their children during high school.


A decade ago, they said computers are the next big thing and here we are witnessing the mammoth taking up every aspect of our lives. The corporate world revolves on the orbit of technology. When it comes to training on corporate skills, computer skills are a good start. It might be wise, to begin with, the basics of operating a computer and then proceed to master Microsoft Office applications. Of all the applications in the package, Excel and PowerPoint would add on to the value. From presentations to research these applications are of value. Some people have all the basic computer skills but are not efficient in typing. With all the basics covered, developing the typing skill is the catch. Being able to type with at least a moderate speed is important in the corporate world. 

One way to develop your kid’s computer skill is to get them enrolled in a computer training institute that will offer courses that fit your schedule. They offer a variety of courses from diplomas to crash courses along with typing classes. 

While thinking of computer skills for your kids, you might want to consider Computer Basics Absolute Beginner's Guide, Windows 10 Edition. It covers all basics from understanding computers, using windows, using the internet and communicating online.


Communication made trade, livelihood and work possible in this world. Communication is on the head while training for skills to compete in the job market. Being able to efficiently communicate and ensure that the receiver has comprehended a message the way we intend them to is a skill. Developing proficiency in writing and speaking English would make this doable. Training on writing and speaking will improve confidence and is the foundation for public speaking. Having good concepts and ideas is one thing while being able to present it effectively is another. The whole point of having a good idea goes to waste if you cannot communicate it effectively.

There are a number of options for those trying to train on communicating effectively. There is the British Council’s Learn English programme that has both online and face to face classes. For more details, visit

For those looking to build on an existing skill, books on communication is a good option. Here are some of our book suggestions:


Humans find strength in groups.  Being able to be part of a group and cooperate is in itself a skill. Collaborations are at the heart of the job market. Employees are expected to be able to cooperate with one another for career success. Working in groups teaches the kids to be more flexible and acquire team spirit. The best way to begin building collaboration skills in your kid is to get them to join a team sport or a club of their interest. These setups have a natural way of instilling the ability to collaborate and work in groups.


Research in all disciplines and fields is the talk of the town. Be it business, law, medicine, engineering, fashion designing, people are growing to be inquisitive and are constantly searching for answers. The art of research involves creating research protocols, conducting review of literature, abstract writing, data collection and analyzing. Having even a basic idea about research to start off with would be an asset in the job market. 

 Research no more requires kids to sit and crunch numbers on excel sheets. There are softwares like SPSS and R programming that makes the research business easier. Mastering these softwares will give children an upper hand in the job market.

Course era offers a number of courses on research methodology and statistics and the best part is that they even offer financial aid for courses. All you have to do is get the kids to fill out their basic details and statement of purpose. Once the selection committee approves the proposal, we are good to go. Here are some of the courses to get the kids started: 


Exploring the various nuances of writing might be beneficial for developing skills appropriate for the corporate world. Content Writing, Editing, Proofreading and Journaling are some exciting options to explore in the writing department. These skills go a long way when it comes to documenting and organizing in an organization. If your children are passionate about writing, then these are a must for them. Editing and proofreading is an essential element of any research as well. Being able to express thoughts in a concise form and in one’s own words is a necessity in an organization setting.

There are various workshops on content writing and journaling that you might be interested in enrolling your kids to. Keep a lookout for workshops that happen in your city. Another way to improve writing skills is to ensure your kids are part of clubs and committees that work around literature.


Knowing more than one language is always a bonus in the job market. Being multilingual has its own set of advantages from being able to communicate with international clients to being comfortable when posted in different parts of the world. There is a growing trend of people learning German and French among other languages. There are online and offline classes that offer training in various languages and an enormous amount of books that will come in handy while learning a new language. 

You might start off by looking into Rosettastone. They offer training for many languages for a period of 12 months at a reasonable price of 1000 INR. There is also Babbel that offers training packages of 3, 6 and 12 months. These are our top picks. But there are a lot of other sites out there that offer language training that you might be interested in.


Financial and budget management is an integral part of a kid’s life even if not developed as a corporate skill. Being able to maintain and properly channel one’s resources will help manage larger funds in the job market. Charity begins at home and so does financial management. 

Marketing is a strategic approach to convincing people. Proposing an idea and making it compelling is where the skill lies. Children can engage in skill-based volunteering to develop their basic marketing and financial skills. Being part of the family budgeting discussions and financial decisions could be a good start as well. 

There are websites like Internshala where you can register your kids. They can then go ahead, choose a volunteering program of their choice and send in their resume. Once the firm responds, their all set! There are also UN Youth Volunteering programs for high school children. But you may have to keep a close tab of their platform to apply


The sector of graphic designing and animation are beginning to branch out and there are a  number of individuals choosing it as careers.  Designing is not only for artists but for everyone who comes under the creative umbrella. If your kid is creative and innovative, then training on basic designing is really a jumpstart. Organizations out there are looking for people who take their products directly to the customer and retain them over time. This is where the designers come in either by graphic designing, user interface or user experience designs. These are all that the kids go on to develop from their basic design knowledge. There are a variety of courses online and offline to train your kids on designing. If you think your kids have that creative bone then this is a must!

Some of our course recommendations are: 

High school is a time where kids are expected to do everything and excel at it as well. The pressure seems to shift onto the parents over the course of time. Getting the kids equipped with all the necessary skills might seem daunting. The best solution to such overwhelming situations is Compass. 

When it comes to incorporating all the necessary skills in your children, Compass is your best bet. Compass standouts because of its unique game plan platform. This ensures that all the skills that your kid needs to be trained on are available in one place. The game plan is tailored to the need of the child and is flexible.

Compass helps parents and kids navigate through the long voyage of getting placed in the job market. It provides direction and the confidence for your kids to set the sails high and go in the direction of their dreams!