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Students taking part in Hackathons

Code, Design, Create and Innovate! Welcome to the land of hackathons

There's a lot of buzz amongst high school students when they are about to graduate and enter college. Different people look forward to different things, such as hackathons! In this segment of looking forward to college, we will be talking about hackathons organized by colleges.
Hackathons are events where programmers, coders, graphic designers, and other people interested in computer science come together to develop or create software projects and programmes. It is conducted by colleges, schools, corporations and other bodies throughout the world.

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More about Hackathons

So what happens in a hackathon? Hackathons usually start with an overview of the event, which is followed by the sub-events or the competitions organized by the host institution. In the end, presentations are made and the winners are rewarded. People with no background in computer science but interested in the field can also participate. 

Hackathons are the flagship events of various technical fests among Indian colleges. Let us have a look at the top ten hackathons organized by colleges across India: 

Hack in the North, IIIT Allahabad 

Hack in the North - IIIT Allahabad

Brief: Hack in the North, organised by the Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad is a time-based hackathon for programmers, designers and inventors. It is regarded as one of the best hackathons among colleges.

Format: The event takes place in the month of March. This year, it is a two-day event. Teams can range from two to four participants. Moreover, participants can also avail travel costs. 

Particulars: Winners get cash rewards worth Rs. 35000. Hack in the North also has a special award for the ‘Best All-Girls Team.’ For more details, visit

I Hack, IIT Bombay

I Hack, IIT Bombay

Brief: I Hack is a hackathon conducted by the E-Cell of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. I Hack is considered to be a reputed event where India’s best people come and participate. 

Format: I Hack is a thirty-hour event, usually organised in the month of February each year. It comprises three main ‘tracks’, as they call it - the Blockchain, Software and Data tracks. 

Particulars: Prizes worth Rs. 3 lakh are awarded. Teams should consist of 3-4 members. The event needs no registration cost. For more details, visit

Blockchain, IIT Delhi

Blockchain, IIT Delhi

Brief: Blockchain is organised by the entrepreneurship cell of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. This annual event witnesses numerous participants every year. 

Format: Blockchain usually takes place in the month of February. Participants are selected on the basis of their registrations. The top three winners are funded by Best of Block Inc., which is a service provider company.

Smart India Hackathon

Smart India Hackathon

Brief: This event is organised by the Government of India and is exclusively for college students. It is a digital product development competition, where students are required to solve challenging technical problems. 

Format: The Smart India Hackathon is a nationwide contest, with last year’s edition witnessing participation by more than five lakh students. It is a great opportunity for all students to get to interact with the world’s leading companies, NGO’s, and various ministries. 

Particulars: 2020’s hackathon will be its fourth edition. This year, there are multiple themes such as Smart communication, Healthcare devices,  Food processing, and many more. It is held in the months of April and July. 

For more details, visit

Hack 36, MNNIT Allahabad

Hack 36, MNNIT Allahabad

Brief: Hack 36 is the hackathon organized by Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, held in the month of January. The event presents a plethora of opportunities for budding computer programmers and scientists to showcase their skills. 

Format: Last year’s event went beyond thirty-six hours, as teams from fifty-four colleges and twenty-one cities participated. Next year would be Hack 36’s fourth edition and it is expected to attract a lot of footfall. 

Hackathon, SRM

Hackathon, SRM

Brief: The event is organized by the IT association, of the SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai. Over one thousand and five hundred students participate in the various themes organised in the hackathon. 

Format: Amongst all the participants, only a handful are shortlisted for the final rounds. The Hackathon is generally a two-day event, which takes place in the month of October. Last year’s themes include Media and Entertainment, Rural Development, Judiciary, among others.

Particulars: Teams consist of two to five members. Cash rewards worth rupees three lakh are awarded to the winners. 

Codespace, VIT

Codespace, VIT

Brief: Codespace is organised by the Computer Society of the Vellore Institute of Technology. The Computer Society is the largest body of computer professionals in India. The Hackathon, other than competitions, also holds seminars, workshops and other wide range events.  

Format: Events include - Devspace ( a developer’s conference), Clickbait (a designer event), Riddler (an online cryptic event), and other fun events such as Laser Tag.

Particulars: For more details, visit

Accelathon, Bangalore

Accelathon, Bangalore

Brief: Accelathon is an inter-college hackathon competition organised for colleges in Bangalore. It is usually hosted by the New Horizon College of Engineering, in association with the Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC). 

Format: The 2020 edition was held from 12 - 13 March, with the theme ‘Social Innovations using Digital Technologies.’ The finals were held on the last day.

Particulars: Team should consist of 2-4 members. There is a registration fee of Rs.500. Rewards worth  Rs. 30000, Rs. 20000 and Rs.10000 are given to the first, second and third-placed teams respectively. 

Syberthon, CT University Punjab

Brief: Syberthon is a  hackathon organised by CT University, Ludhiana, Punjab. The speciality of this event is that it is a 30 hours non stop hackathon. The goal of the event is to gather various groups and fight challenges together, related to the fields of network forensic, AI challenges, cyber defence, and others.

Format: 2019’s edition was a two-day event, held in the month of February. Teams can have a maximum of four members. Syberthon also holds workshops, gaming events amongst the hacking competition. 

Particulars: Participation for one day requires a registration fee of Rs. 500, while Rs. 800 is required for both days. There are different charges for other events. Accommodation and food is provided. 

Hackathon, DCB Fintech

Hackathon, DCB Fintech

Brief: The objective of this mega hackathon, which is held by DCB Bank, is to bring together various developers and coders, to enhance digital products and technologies. DCB is a private sector commercial bank in India. 

Format: There are various events, such as risk management, retail banking, digital security, other than the grand hackathon. Prize money for students ranges from Rs 2 lakh to Rs.50000 for the first three positions. 

Particulars: The event is held in six Indian cities, including Gurgaon, Mumbai and Hyderabad. There are different competitions for different categories, such as college students and startups. 

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If you are interested in the field of computer science, Hackathons are the place for you! The popularity of hackathons are on the rise, and winning one would be a great morale booster. So, prepare an idea, form a team and make the most out of Hackathons.