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Extracurricular activities to do in School

You learn as much as you can in school since life becomes too busy later. Extracurricular activities are paramount when it comes to learning. They are equally important for students as their academic course; perhaps even more. Some students like to try out many activities, while others remain involved with their preferred ones. Below is a list of ten such extracurricular activities which are popular among today’s high school kids. 

  1. Debating


Debating is one of the most important skills you can acquire while in high school. Students who are into debating are more likely to be aware of various issues, as well as develop and voice opinions on the same. Besides, intense debates can be real fun as students go head to head with their strong arguments.

You cannot just learn to debate overnight. Debating requires a lot of preparation and practice. There’s a lot to learn, such as the rhetoric one uses, debating structures, rebuttal format, etc.  If you're interested in debating, the best place to start would be your school’s debating club or society! 

  1. Quizzing

It is often said that nothing can be more beneficial than making quizzing as a hobby. To participate and even conduct quizzes in high school increases your analytical skills and general knowledge. Those closely fought quizzing contests, with the prize money at stake, can really make your minds go crazy!


Derek O’Brien is one of the best quizzers in India. He hosted a popular quiz show, the Bournvita Quiz Contest, where students from different parts of the country were quizzed on various subjects. The programme also won several accolades and was considered one of the best quizzing shows for school students across the country.

  1. Volunteering 

Volunteering or doing community service is an outstanding way to devote some time for others, and in turn, gain some valuable experience. Anyone can volunteer according to his/her interests; if you are a pet lover, you can volunteer for an animal shelter, or you can volunteer as a teacher if you’re good in academics.

Every place has organizations where volunteers are required. Some popular examples include the Salaam Baalak Trust, Robin Hood Army, Help Age India, and many more. If you are interested and are looking for places to volunteer, you could also visit websites like ‘ivolunteer’ which are committed to this mission.

  1. Sports

Sports and athletics are arguably the most popular extracurricular activity among students today. Playing sports not only keeps you in good shape physically, but it also keeps your brain active as well. For some students, sports can provide an impetus for improved academic performances as well. No wonder ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’ remains true in real life! Sports are conducted by dividing schools into various zones, which further get classified to state and national categories. Government initiatives like the Khelo India Youth Games also provide an impetus for sports among high school kids. 

  1. Coding

Activities related to computers, such as coding and programming are slowly but steadily gaining prominence among high school kids. An increasing number of inter-school competitions are being organized, incentivized with hefty sums of prize money. 

The biggest one, which is covered on a national basis, is the Indian Computing Olympiad, with its aim to identify school students with exceptional skills in algorithms and computing. It is held every year. Thirty-two qualified students are then trained for the International Olympiad. 

  1. Model United Nations

The presence of the Model United Nations, or popularly called as MUN, is rising at amazing rates in schools and colleges alike. The concept is a simulation of the actual United Nations conferences, wherein here students deliberate on global issues through research, drafting and debate.

Out of these, the Cathedral and John Connon School MUN (CMUN) is one of the oldest MUN’s in India. Participation not only adds up in your profile but is also a great way to boost your confidence and leadership skills.  

  1. Student Council and Leadership


Professionals are most impressed by students with leadership skills. There could be nothing better to showcase this than by joining the student council or the student government. Having a say in important school matters makes you responsible, proficient, and yes, popular as well!

  1. Lights, Camera, Action.

A lot of students try out photography and even cinematography in high school, carving out successful careers out of them. It is best if you explore your interests in these in high school itself as there’s a lot of room for discovery and experimentation. 

            There are numerous online competitions, specifically for school students, organized by schools itself. Winners of such competitions often get their work displayed in exhibitions, which could be a big portfolio booster. Plus, who doesn’t want to be the popular photographer among one’s friends? 

  1. Performing Arts

Performing arts include dance, music, theatre, oratory events and so on. These are vital for developing varied interests and passions. There are many platforms across India, for instance, the Young Artiste, a national level competition that seeks out talented dancers and musicians from schools; which inspire school children to pursue different arts and genres. This is also a great way for entertainment and fun by getting rid of the boredom in your life caused by academics! 

  1. NCC (National Cadet Corps)

The National Cadet Corps is the Indian military cadet corps and is open to school children on a voluntary basis. It recruits kids from schools and colleges from across India. The ‘cadets’ are given training in weaponry, first aid, physical fitness, map reading, camp training, and so on. Most schools have an NCC wing nowadays. But even if your school doesn’t, you can join in any nearby NCC unit by contacting the unit’s NCC head.  

Indulging in extracurricular activities requires time and effort. Doing something outside of the normal ‘assigned’ curriculum at school is a great step towards self-improvement and maintaining the right amount of work-life or rather, study-life balance, in your case.  Participation in several activities may unlock some potential you never knew you had! Moreover, you don’t need to look any further than these activities to enjoy your time at school and make cherished memories!