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Student Ambassador Programmes

In this segment of looking forward to college, we’ll be talking about one of the most essential and exciting parts of college, student ambassador programmes.  These programmes help us gain knowledge and insight into the professional world that awaits us after our college lives. Below are all the details that you need to know about student ambassador programmes. 

What do you mean by student ambassador programmes?

It is the means for a company, brand or a college itself to maintain its presence among today’s students.  Companies hire a student who represents them in their respective campuses. This is important as these companies want to spread the word about their initiatives and carry forward their mission amongst the student community. 

What skills do I require? 

A person in this role works with the company, the university and the students. This requires him/ her to be a good communicator, friendly and experienced. Moreover, a student ambassador is also expected to strategize and plan things with various people. One needs to be an innovative thinker, creative and should be ready to face different challenges. 

What do I gain from this? 

Student ambassador programmes are great opportunities for enhancing your leadership skills. Such a programme not only adds to your resume but also provides a chance for one’s holistic development. Being a student ambassador requires you to be very active on your campus, which is exciting as you get to know and work with many new people. The most interesting part is that you get to earn rewards for your hard work, such as cash vouchers and popular merchandise.  

Eesha Jain, a first-year student of Delhi University, who was a campus ambassador for Interface, the annual fest of BITS Pilani, describes her experience as a once in a lifetime opportunity which has opened new avenues for her. Many students such as Eesha take part in similar programmes across India. Here we bring to you the top ten student ambassador programmes in India that you can apply to. 

  1. Paytm

If e-commerce and marketing is your ultimate goal, then this is the perfect place for you. Usually starting in July this programme will offer insight into how companies, like Paytm work, in addition to gaining invaluable experience and having fun. 

Responsibilities: Students who are innovative, committed and passionate about marketing should definitely try this out.  Tasks include brand building, spreading awareness about the company and fulfilling marketing opportunities in campuses.

Incentives: There are performance-based incentives in the form of certificates, cash rewards, along with opportunities to work and learn from the best. 

For more details: visit

  1. One Plus

The One Plus student ambassador programme aims to create a network of students across India, with the objective of nurturing and developing future citizens of the country. The duration of the programme is for a total of six months, where students have to commit a minimum of hundred hours during this course. 

Responsibilities: As a student ambassador, you will be expected to work on marketing brands, strategize for various campus events, execute such plans, etc. 

Incentives: Student ambassadors would be rewarded with a fixed monthly stipend, the latest One Plus products and a chance to intern with the company. 

For more details: visit or contact them at


AIESEC is an international organization which is run completely by the youth. AIESEC provides students with internships, volunteering and leadership experiences to empower them to make a change in the society. Selection to AIESEC’s ambassador programme is done based on your application and an interview over the phone. Applications start during May and June each year.

Responsibilities: Reaching out to students and faculties through messages and campaigns, leadership roles in arranging internship opportunities in your campus, and interacting and planning with other interns across the globe. 

Incentives: Periodic monetary rewards, certificates on completion of every stage, letter of recommendation, hampers and other goodies.

For more details: visit    

  1. Travel d’globe 

Travel d’globe is a company which in its own words ‘aims to revolutionize the definition of travel’ by providing customers knowledge of the best facilities at affordable prices. Travel d’ globe is the fastest growing online platform in this business and being a campus ambassador for them would be an enriching experience. You will learn strategizing, marketing and implementation in the duration of the programme, which is for a month.

Responsibilities: Creating promotional messages and campaigns on your campus, spreading awareness about the brand through social media and promoting future trips in the area.     

Incentives: Along with cash rewards, ambassadors would receive free travel vouchers and bookings. Rewards are performance-based. 

  1. E-Cell, IIT Bombay

The Entrepreneurship Cell is run by the students of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. With its student ambassador programme, the body aims to reach out to different colleges of India by involving students in different activities and promoting its cell. Last year, more than 1800 students were selected for this programme. 

Responsibilities:  The programme is designed in such a way that it aims for the holistic development of its ambassadors. Tasks include ambassadors designing and setting up posters in their respective campuses, promoting different events on social media, organizing events and many more.

Incentives: There are many lucrative rewards for ambassadors, including internship opportunities at reputed organizations, certified online courses worth rupees two lakh, event passes, and so on. 

You can apply at

  1. Hacker Earth

Hacker Earth is an organization that provides software solutions that help other institutes with their technical needs. Their campus ambassador programme is a platform for those passionate about programming. If you are confident about your leadership skills and have immense love for programming, this is the place for you!

Responsibilities: You will be required to set up and connect programming cells in your campus, conduct Hacker Earth events frequently, create social media profiles for your campus and come up with innovative ideas from time to time.

Incentives: On becoming an ambassador, you will be getting a special “Hacker Earth Swag Pack” consisting of various goodies, a letter of recommendation, free passes to high profile contests and lots more. 

For more details, you can visit their website here

  1. RCPL

RCPL, India aims at providing students with courses in varied fields such as data analytics, robotics, cybersecurity, etc. to best utilize their vacation periods. In their own words, the ‘Campus Ambassador Program recognizes enthusiastic students by giving them opportunities to develop knowledge and leadership skills by representing RCPL on respective campuses. 

Responsibilities: Promoting RCPL’s programmes through posters and e-mails, organize seminars and workshops through effective communication among students on the campus. 

Incentives: Ambassadors will be rewarded with internship prospects, a certificate upon completion and monetary benefits. 

  1. Shell

Shell is a company which aims to meet the energy requirements of the society in a way that is viable for the future. Shell’s student ambassador programme creates opportunities for students via structured learning and projects to enhance their careers. For selection, an application should be filled which is available on the company’s website, after which there are two rounds of selection.  

Responsibilities: One of the best things about this programme is that it provides on the job training facilities along with formal opportunities. It exposes you to all areas of the organization, such as assisting them in various projects. 

  1. Skyfi Labs

Skyfi Labs aims to provide students with learning opportunities, primarily by letting them ‘build projects.’ Its programme aims to create a network of students who are interested in engineering.

Responsibilities: Primary tasks would include spreading awareness about the companyexposing their fellow campus mates to the concept of practical engineering by organizing activities and building connections.

Incentives: Along with an opportunity to work alongside the best in the field of engineering, campus ambassadors will receive goodies and internship opportunities at various partner companies. 

For more details, visit

  1. Arrelic

Arrelic is a company which specializes in machine analytics, predictive maintenance, and consulting services with regards to their industries expertise. Their campus ambassador programme aims to equip students with the necessary skills and experience that would keep them as well as their company in good stead. 

ResponsibilitiesYou would be the representative for the company in your respective campus. Execution of certain planned activities in your college premises, submitting monthly reports and promoting the events of the company would be some of the roles assigned to you.

IncentivesThe programme would get you ready for the professional world! Along with Arrelic’s merchandise, student ambassadors would receive a letter of recommendation, a certificate and LinkedIn recommendations. Moreover, top performers will get paid too!  

For applying, visit

Becoming a student ambassador is worth it, as the experience gained and the fun which comes along with it is surreal and inspiring. The list above isn’t limited to these companies as there are numerous opportunities like these for everyone out there. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for a programme and relish as you live the experience.