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Why It Is Important To Intern In High School? The Early Bird Catches The Worm

”Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely” - Rodin

High school can be a time of great experience and transitions. There is academic pressure, a need to keep up with fellow students and decisions to be made about colleges. It is a period where one doesn’t have the liberty to make the wrong move. Decisions made about college during high school can be hectic and tiresome. But what if one gets to experience the ebb and flow of how things work in the job market and understand the actual purpose of a college degree beforehand? Students would then make an informed decision about their career path. We only learn things by doing. There are no shortcuts and so in this edition of Parent Central, we will look into why it is important to intern in high school. This article will guide parents about where to look for internships, how to choose a well-suited internship for their kids and how to apply for them.

Student interns in office

The world today revolves around distinctiveness. All of us as humans work towards safety and security and most often both of them are based on one’s chosen career path. People who have the audacity to do things differently and go that extra mile seems to be winning the race that all of us are running. High school has always been that period where the students have to make important career decisions but rarely do so. This is because they are not put in an environment where they question themselves as to what they want to do. Starting early in high school gives them that kick starts to think about what they want to do. Internships provide a conducive environment for informed decisions to be made. It is a perfect opportunity to discover one’s desired path and doing it early means discovering it sooner.


Internship endows an individual with a tremendous amount of confidence and zeal to face the world outside school. The world out there is unforgiving, harsh and holds high expectations. Internships don’t make it easy to survive outside school but make it more manageable. Kids who intern in high school are better equipped to deal with the challenges that college and career decisions bring upon them. Every sense comes alive during an experience and leaves an everlasting impression on an individual. There is no way to undo what an internship experience does to a student. Students tend to be preconceived about what jobs would be like and about certain career paths. Many times these notions are utterly wrong and the actual scenario tends to be completely different. During these times, internships help clarify what the situation looks like in reality. Internships are most accompanied by clarity about the job market and career paths. Exposure to the actual work scenario molds an individual to have the right expectation about what to expect from a job. Although high school students don’t directly go on to work, the knowledge about it all helps the student make better decisions about college and their future.

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Internshala came up with some interesting facts about the internship status in India. There has been a whopping 80 per cent rise in the number of internship seekers in India with summer being the best time for doing an internship with virtual internships receiving three times more applications. Summers were supposed to be all about tans and beaches we were thinking! Here are some places you might want to look into for your kid’s internships:


Internshala - Compass Career Discoverers

There are websites like Internshala- one of India’s largest online internship platforms that offer virtual or full-time internships. The best part is that many of the internships in the platform only look for skills rather than a college degree. BINGO! All you have to do is register yourself in Internshala, fill out your personal details, your educational qualification, skill-sets and your all set to go. The perk is that most online internship sites are student-friendly. Most of the firms looking for interns don’t even ask for a resume. So the next step is to simply start filling out applications. You might be expected to give the firm you’re applying for details about when you will be available and the purpose of you applying for the internship. Once you submit the application, the firms might respond with details on how to proceed further. Sites like Internshala mostly have their users covered and make sure they are assisted all the way.

For more details, do look into


Let's Intern - Compass Career Discoverers

Another site worthy of mention is Lets Intern. Let’s intern have internships filtered according to the field of interest and even by cities. They have a user base of 40, 00,000 students and operate globally. The procedure to apply for an internship is pretty much similar for this site as well. All you will need to do is fill out applications, state the purpose of applying and then wait for the employer to respond.

Check out:

 Tracking down internships in high school is no more a hunt for the Holy Grail. Numerous websites and institutions welcoming a flux of youth energy into their realms. All they want is individuals with the intention to learn and dedication to put in a little extra effort. 


Work Teen - Compass Career Discoverers

Started by 4 enthusiastic teenagers, the startup now has the Wish Foundation, Tata Institute among the many others under its wings. Although it was initially started to help IB (International Baccalaureate) students cover their 50 community hours, it now caters to the needs of high school students in need of internships. Work Teen offers options to volunteer, intern participates or research. All that the student has to do is fill out a Google form that is sent to the respective organizations. The site works as a mediator aiding the whole process.

Start applying at:

 Although most firms taking in intern don’t ask for resumes, it is a good idea to have one handy. A good way to start is to know what should go into a resume. Just to get you started here are a few articles that might throw some light on how to proceed:


Student Researching

For all the science geeks out there who are interested in research, there are plenty of options. Just like applying for any other research position, students will have to draft a statement of purpose stating their research proposal. One important factor to focus on is to check whether the organization one is applying to is accepting high school students. The availability of the mentor is another crucial factor. It is necessary to make sure that the mentor is willing to take in interns. Research internships during high school are hard to get. Research internships require a standard calibre and a higher level of understanding. But some institutions are ready to offer internships based on the quality of the proposal. Research takes a lot of hard work and hours of dedicated effort. A strong work ethic is mandatory to stick to the rules and regulations of interning as a part of the research. Research is on the higher end of the internship strata and being placed there means one gets an excellent exposure.


An ordinary boy from Seattle, Washington went on to intern as a congressional page during his high school days. During the later years, he would recall the experience as formative. He took the clarity he earned during his internship, chose his career path and went on to become one of the most recognized people in the world. Bill Gates interned as a congressional page in 1972 and till date, he states that the internship had a positive effect on his goals, confidence and work ethics. Although Bill Gates chose a completely different career path, his early internship dates helped him see through what he wanted from what he didn’t. Two important elements of Gate’s internship days were that he started early and carried forward his experience from the opportunity. Internships don’t necessarily have to bring success to be a turning point in one’s life and the Microsoft giant is a living example.


When it comes to internships, we have nothing to lose. We don’t win or lose but simply learn. Students learn everything that the internship has to offer. What if I were to tell you while doing internships all the roads lead to Rome? There is no right or wrong way when it comes to doing internships. An internship is sometimes about getting it all wrong. Learning from mistakes is all it takes. Doing an internship during high school is an act of balancing. On one side the students will have to maintain the curriculum and on the other the internship experience. But with dedication and keen interest, internships are very much possible. All it takes is the right mindset. Being mindful of once recourse and time is of utmost importance. Parents and teachers come into play only to encourage the students. They are merely the cheerleaders. Every bit of the process in an internship from filling out applications, drafting resumes, communicating with the firm and doing the required job is all part of the experience. While doing internships, taking the hardest route is the best option. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations and high school internships are such roads. High school internships are hard but also always worth the shot.