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Youth Run Organisations

Finally, the time has come for students to leave behind their school life and graduate. The time for high schoolers to step into an unfamiliar terrain that’s filled with hustle and bustle. This new time brings with it the freedom to make your own decisions and pursue things you are passionate about.

Yes, it is none other than college. The phase of a student’s life which is filled with excitement and new challenges, tighten your seat belt guys for this is genuinely a ride you’ll remember forever.

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In this edition of looking forward to college, we’ll give you a dose of what’s in store for you. We all know that this Gen Z is different from all other generations. Our ideals, our passion our acceptance is something that’s unheard of. We’re definitely the ‘woke generation’

So we thought why not tell you guys about a few organizations that are solely run by and run for the youth. As college kids, you have to realise that there’s much more to academics in university. College is a time of self-actualization, discovery and growth and that’s exactly why you must try out new things and experiences.

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Listed below are 5 youth-run organizations one must join in college.


Under 25 Summit

Under 25 Summit is the largest youth festival in the country. It began its journey in 2014 and is held every year in different places across the country. The festival witnesses a gathering of around 30,000 young adults each year.

  • Purpose

  • The summit aspires to create a safe place for the young to explore, learn and experience creativity and talent. The summit is a one-stop congregation for youngsters from all over the country to exhibit their talents in Technology, Music, Fashion, Design, Entrepreneurship and many other things. Under 25 aims to create a voice for this generation and tell people that it matters.

  • Experience

  • As mentioned Under 25 has many events across the country. Your job would include organizing these events and making sure they take place smoothly. It’s great exposure and will help you learn a lot about event management and teamwork. 



  • Association Internationale des étudiants en sciences économiques et commerciales or AIESEC  is a global platform that provides cross-cultural experience for youth who want to gain personal development and leave an impact on the world.

  • Purpose

This body’s sole purpose is to fulfill the 17 sustainable development goals put forward by the United Nations. They focus on a cross-cultural exchange that enables students to go to different countries of the world. AIESEC wishes to provide students with a platform for leadership development as global citizens with a mission to contribute to the betterment of our countries.

  • Experience

With placements and internships in 89 countries, the exposure is paramount. You can even host people in your city and take part in cultural events and programs that help towards fulfilling the development goals.

I personally had a friend Neha who joined AISEC in her first year. In a period of just 4 months, she broke through her cocoon of shyness and transformed into a radiant social butterfly.



The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience is a non-profit association of national committees representing academic, industrial and student interests.

It is spread across 80 countries with around 4000 students and 3000 employees. The IAESTE is committed to foster international understanding and the development of young minds through international exchange.

  • Purpose 

  • The main purpose of the IAESTE is to provide high-quality practical training exchange programs between members in order to enhance technical and professional development within them.

  • Exposure

  • With multiple reputed institutions under its wing in India, the IAESTA serves as the perfect platform for networking and professional development. Spread across the year the organization has amazing exchange programs covering various fields of science ranging from engineering to agronomy.


Eat my News
  • Eat My News is an independent global youth community and learning platform made of people who believe in the movement to make the world more inspired, informed, and intelligent.

  • Purpose

  • EAT MY NEWS aims to enable young people to develop themselves through learning through knowledge, opportunities and challenging experiences. They believe that the holistic development of youth is a fundamental solution to building a better future.

  • Exposure

EAT MY NEWS gives you a fantastic opportunity to connect with the most dynamic and finest youth minds from all over the world by collaborating and sharing ideas. It’s amazing for people who want to pursue communication.


Latitude Global Volunteering

  • An international charity, LGV aims to educate and develop the young to volunteer abroad and make a positive difference to the lives of others, through structured and supported overseas volunteering programs.

  • Purpose

  • LGV envisions a world where every youngster adds to an increasingly powerful, mindful and tolerant society as capable worldwide residents. They believe in the adaptability and creativity of young people and their power to drive positive cultural change. They aim to give the youth lifelong learning through practical experience.

  • Experience

LGV really challenges you with their programs and ensures you grow holistically. Ranging from 3 to 12 months, their programs focus on putting you in situations and cultures you are not familiar with which in turn really expands your comfort zone and gives you a lot of exposure.

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I can guarantee that all these organizations are fun to work at and act as a catalyst for growth and personal development. I highly recommend joining these organizations! You make a lot of friends and memories. See you soon in the next edition of looking forward to college.