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What We Offer

Experience different career options

We provide the students of your school a wholesome, virtual experience of different careers by making them encounter what goes into their dream careers, through a detail-oriented, comprehensive curation of activities and concepts from the industry for a hands-on, real-life stimulus into the professional sphere.


We value each and every student and provide them with a certified Compass counsellor devoted to mentoring the student through their educational and professional journey, in consideration with the students’ area of interest and professional goals.

Personal online Career Counseling
Online career engagement programs

We take it upon ourselves to engage the students of your school through intensive year-round activities, in the form of competitions, webinars, workshops and skill enhancement sessions to ensure holistic growth and to develop the necessary skill set required for the professional sphere.


Our model involves a comprehensive AI-driven complex analysis for all the students in the batch to assess their personality type, the preferred way of working and areas of interests for a better, more effective curation of their personalised game-plans.

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New career Counselling model

The Compass Event Network

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Cross cultural events

Compass Cross-Cultural Events and Exchange Programs bring together students from around the country to collaborate and work towards solving a common problem and encourage viewing situations from a fresh perspective.

Competiton programs

Compass ensures that every student of the batch puts to use their new-found confidence and acquired skills by competing with students from around the country to promote healthy competition, collaboration and cooperation.

Online Career Workshops

Focused on the development of formative skills of the students, Compass organises myriad workshops for the students throughout the year facilitated by the experts to provide students with a learning experience next to none other.

Online Career Webinars

We at Compass organise virtual, informal sessions with our alumni/professional network, for students to plug in to get insights into what their futures look like, overcome anxiety regarding their college decisions and get their queries answered.