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In addition to an online, AI-driven psychometric test, the student is allotted a personalised coach, who is devoted to motivate and support the student through this journey which can often seem overwhelming and daunting. Our Compass coaches provide the students with comprehensive career guidance and a 6-month game plan while ensuring a year-round engagement with the student to guide them and make them feel confident in their journey.


We believe in the power of experiencing careers first-hand, rather than just relying on the analysis of the psychometric tests. Our program identifies the professions your child shows an inclination towards and makes them experience these careers through our unique experience cells. By spending a day in the life of her/his dream profession, the child not only gets clarity of thought regarding their career decisions but develops a passion of the same.

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Career Education Guidance

We believe in a holistic approach towards career education through proper career guidance. Hence, at Compass Career Discovers, we keep our students engaged with skill-building workshops, educational webinars, competitions, cultural activities and exchanges throughout the year. These events familiarize students with different industries and instil in them vital skills such as team building, problem-solving, effective social and technical knowhow.


We are constantly curating content on our platform for the benefit of our students, be it through expert-written articles, periodic newsletters or detail-oriented case studies. In addition to this, we also have an extensive database of colleges, underlining the campus life, fee structure, placement stats, and overall college culture, outlined by the alumni themselves for superior culture competence to ensure clarity regarding the exciting journey ahead.

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Here are the answers to a few frequent questions we get!

Now! It is always an ideal time to get some perspective about your future, in order to get insights into how to hone your strengths and approach your personal goals. More commonly, we do cater to students and young professionals at the “turning points” of their journey, such as grade 9-10th, pre-college preparation, pre-post graduate preparation and so on, but it is always a good idea to get career guidance and clarity no matter what stage of your journey you’re at.

Typically it takes somewhere around 45 minutes for you to finish the psychometric test as it does require self-assessment on your part while answering the questions. For the same reason, it is advisable that you take the test in one sitting.

Yes! Your journey is important to us, and our personal coaches will assist you in every step of the way. This is achieved through comprehensive game-plans, mentoring sessions, doubt clearing sessions, and so on. You could get a clearer idea from our packages in terms of the degree of assistance you require.

You would be directed to the payment portal right after you register on the Compass Career Discoverers’ website. You will be shown our packages to choose from based on your career counselling and guidance needs. This page shows you all the features that each package entails, for you to make an informed decision.

Yes! We do have one-on-one sessions with the parents of students in their high school.

Yes! You could navigate to the ‘profile’ option on the top left corner of your dashboard or home page, from where you can view the ‘subscriptions’ option. You could choose and upgrade your package there.